Urban Paradise Brisbane Gallery

In mid-January 2018, I approached the PIKOS group to ask them if they would consider “giving ” one of their empty property at 52 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba to create a Not for Profit ARI.

On the 08/02 2018 after 1 month of renovation and preparations, we opened Urban Paradise Gallery with “Washed Ashore” a combine exhibition of Pormpuraaw artists and John Dahlsen work.

On the opening night, Pedro Pikos was so impressed that he also donated to us his next door property at 64 Annerley Rd. MrPikos also provided us with the funds to renovate and transformed the premises ….renovations will be completed by 27/03 and official opening will be on the 15/04/2017 during the ‘crush this city ” street art exhibition.

Urban Paradise also was also busy  staging the screening of ” 10 years After Apology” and “WOMEN ON THE WALL” as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival .

Here are some photos of the last three months and special thank you to all the volunteers that have helped us make this journey so special!


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