BREATHLESS BY Frederic Berjot



The inspiration for Breathless struck me while I was in Paris in Novembre 2018 witnessing one of the many gilets jaunes manifestations on the Champs Elysees .

Straight upon my return to Brisbane I started working on a portait size sculpture of a youth with a hoody and mask ; Breathless .                                                                              Before I could finish it I headed off to UK and EU for three months and then Townsville for two months to work with Jason de Caires Taylor on the Museum of Underwater art

In early December 2019, after finishing work on MOUA, i returned to my studio in Queensland to finish Breathless .



As i was finishing Breathless several state in Australia were literally burning .                   To date 18,600,OOO hectares of land have gone up in smoke , 6500 buildings have been destroyed, 34 people and half a millions animals have lost their lives .                                This environmental disaster was exacerbated by a corrupt Liberal National Party and its incompetent Prime Minister Scott Morrisson ( Scomo) which acted as the entertainment division of the coal and fossile fuel industry . The LNP  help turn a crisis into an uncontrollable disaster which attracted  international condamnation and ridicule for  the Australian Government .

Today as i launch Breathless into the world the Coronivarus as gripped the world with possibly 100,000 infected , 2700 cases reported and 80 people dead .The coronivarus which started in Wuhan China as now sprayed from Wuhan to USA, Australia , Europe Canada and South east Asia .

In March 2020 I will be taking Breathless to the 2020 Basel Hong Kong Art Fair .



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