Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) Townsville .

In September  2019 I was asked to join Jason De Caires Taylor’s crew to work on the Museum Of Underwater Art ( MOUA) Crew .

The Museum of Under Water art was eventually installed on John Brewer Reef in December 2019 .

To work on this project the international  crew  moved into a friend’s Queenslander  in South Townsville,  close to our Workshop and City .

It was a great pleasure to work and discover Townsville and its surounding national parks and attractions  .

It was perfectly hot, dry but not to humid and the UK , Mexican , Welch, Australian and Spanish crew adapted quite well .

If you are ever in Townsville you must check the MOUA .                                           MOUA IS one of Jason Decaires Taylor largest project and the only such museum in Australia .


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