The Laughing Museum

I Started the Laughing in 1990 in Paddington Sydney by selling custom made body casting and Tribes figurines at the Paddington Market .

The Tribe figurines although successful were quickly overshadowed by the body casting sculptures i was decorating my stand with .

To produce my body cast i worked with friends , actors, athletes in my Surry hill studio. Swimmer and Aphrodite were made with actor Tracy Mann  but i also cast Benita Collings ( play school) , Catriona Rowntree and many others Sydney celebrities from the sport and Arts industries.

Since 2002 i work and live on the Gold Coast  where i make my sculptures and run Urban Paradise Gallery in Surfers Paradise .                                                                                                         All my sculptures are made from either from Plaster of Paris , Dental plaster, concrete or  fiberglass and come in either a black carbon , rust of copper finish .

Fred 2l-1

Swimmer , Plaster of Paris $290

Fred 1s-1

Welder , Plaster of Paris $650

Fred 1r-1

Mde Chang , dental plaster, $750

Fred 1c-1

Magdalena , Plaster of Paris, $ 290

Fred 1d-1

Marie Lou , Plaster of Paris $450

Fred 1j-1

Lola , plaster of Paris , $295

Fred 1b-1

Beve and George, dental plaster . $210

Fred 1n-1

Mother and Child, $350

Fred 1q-1

Stephanie , Plaster of Paris, $750

Fred 1o-1

Gaia 2, plaster of Paris, $550

Fred 1h-1

Father, dental plaster, 490


Fred 1i-1

Cathedral , plaster of Paris , $240

Fred 2k-1

Contemplation, plaster of Paris, $480

Fred 1f-1

Sunitra , Dental Plaster, $790

Fred 1g-1

Sophie, dental plaster, $750

Fred 1u-1

Apollo , Dental plaster/fiberglass, $850

Fred 1y-1

Rebecca , Fiberglass, $750

Fred 2a-1

Eric , Fiberglass , $1200

Fred 2e-1

Iris , Dental plaster /fiberglass, $450

Fred 2f-1

Backstrech , plaster of Paris /fiberglass, $450

Fred 2i-1

Backview, dental plaster, $320

Fred 2g-1

Aphrodite, Dental Plaster , $350

Fred 1r-1

Mde Chang (hanging) Dental Plaster $590

Fred 2h-1

Legs , Dental Plaster, $490

Fred 1a-1

Orbis De Ignis  Dental Plaster /fiberglass $795






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